Soil Management & Conservation

Cover Crop
In association with Nutri-tech Solutions, Australia we brought in the concept of cover crop for soil conservation. For cover crop seed are selected from five different families then mixed and sown in vineyards. Just prior to the flowering this crops are cut and mulched on the ground or ploughed in the soil. With this strategy farmer are able to harvest atmospheric nitrogen for the crop, increase in Organic Carbon content of the soil which helps effective and efficient use of applied fertilizers. This ultimately lead to achieve our goal of reduction in contamination of ground water resources and degradation of soil. Excess application of fertilizers had very bad impact on the soil micro flora and fauna which make soil dead. With the cover crop soil microbiology is developed and flourished making soil live and productive.

We provide quality affordable low cost bio-nutrition products like PSB, KMB, PGPR, Mycorrhiza effective tool to improve soil fertility and better utilization of inherent soil nutrients. Application of FYM, compost, jeevamrut, panchygavya, organic slurry serve excellent substrate as well as source of effective microbes to improve livelihood of the soil.

Integrated Pest Management

Cover Crop
Our team of agronomist always strive hard to develop various indigenous cultural management practices for disease and pest management. Identification of pest and its ETL is the first step towards effective management of pest. Our expert agronomist trains farmer to Identify pest and their ETL wherein intervention is required is the key reason for successful implantation of IPM. Use of resistant varieties, manipulation of sowing times, clean cultivation, plant population, optimum plant spacing, trimming n pruning, maintain proper ventilation (microclimate) etc. helps farmer to prevent pest incidence in the crop. Use sticky traps, light traps, pheromone traps aids for non-chemical pest control. Record keeping is simply a systematic way to learn from past experience and monitoring process goes simultaneously with record keeping forms the ready reckoner tool of the farm for pest management.

Plant Protection Products

Cover Crop
Judicious use of pesticides is the key to achieve ecological balance between all the components of ecology. Wrong and excess application disturbs cycle and there by impact entire ecology. We at Sahyadri Farms lay focus on selection of nonchemical plant protection products. We have developed various botanical extracts product in-house that control various pest and pathogens in varied crops. Amil Ark, Vemil Ark, Dhashparni Ark, Panch gavya, Jeevamrunt found very effective in pest management and giving phyto-tonic effect. Various microbial (Probiotics) products like Trichoderma, Bacillus, Psudomonas, Metarhizium, Beaveria, Verticillium produced internally are cost effective solution helping farmers to manage key pest and diseases.

Disease Forecast
Based on the weather forecast disease management decision support system is provided to the farmer. According to prevailing weather conditions probability of the occurrence of key diseases in Grapes crop are forecasted and individual plot specific alert of the same is given to farmers. Farmers needs to apply pesticides only in case of high risk. Generally in bad weather conditions farmers tends apply pesticides heavily without understanding risk. Even sometimes farmer have done preventive application of pesticides in that case disease occurrence risk ultimately lowered. So with this tool optimal need based pesticides application is done for disease management. This helps to reduce pesticides load on the fruits resulting less or nil pesticides residues enabling for safe food production. At the same time with reduced rate of pesticides application proved beneficial for environment and ecology conservation.