Traceability in Supply Chain in a nutshell

Importance of Traceability in Farming

Consumers worldwide are today more demanding, health and safety-conscious and increasingly aware of food safety standards. They want to know in real time where their food comes from. The way the food supply chain is currently designed and managed makes it challenging for the food producers, retailers and consumers to confirm the origin or source of the fresh produce. Besides, there is a constant threat of adulteration and food fraud.

We, at Sahyadri Farms, believe that everyone deserves to know where the food they eat came from and how it was produced. Our consumers can now locate the farm and field on a map, access details of the farmer who has grown the produce, get details on the pesticides and fertilisers used and also know more about the crop variety.

This unprecedented level of transparency helps us maintain a strong and lasting relationship with our customers. It gives them adequate confidence about the safety of Sahyadri’s produce and in the promise that all our food is 100% safe for consumption.

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How? It's simple.

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