Our first tiny steps that transformed into a meaningful journey with inspiring milestones. 

2010 - 2014: Laying the Foundation

  • Acquired the land for Central Processing Unit building at Mohadi, Nashik in 2011 & laid the foundation in 2013.
  • Installed advanced ripening chambers in 2014.
  • Commenced fresh table grapes exports to Europe.
  • Established Sahyadri Farms in 2010.

2015 - 2017: Stepping into the Big Global League

  • Maintained its position as India's largest grapes exporter to Europe since 2015.
  • Launched agri-input activity under SARL in 2015 while farmer finance was set in motion in the same year.
  • Launched aseptic & frozen processing in 2015.
  • Initiated tomato paste manufacturing in 2016.
  • Inaugurated the first domestic retail store in 2016.
  • Imported ARRA-19, a table grape variety from Grapa, California.
  • Imported patented table grape varieties - ARRA-15 & Iniagrape One.
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2018-2020: Consolidating the Gains and Fighting through the Pandemic

  • Commissioned FMCG product lines and commenced production of Kissan Ketchup (Brand owned by Hindustan Unilever).
  • Launched an indigenously developed automatic weather station to provide live weather data to farmers.
  • Collaborated with Tata Strive Skill Development Centre to offer skill development programmes; completed the first batch of over 160 students.
  • Won exclusive rights for distribution of ARRA grape varieties in India.
  • Completed the agri-processing cluster (APC) allocated by MOFPI and won approval for 4 more food processing units in APC.
  • Efficient delivery of food baskets to 300,000 families in the lockdown during COVID-19.
  • Procured over 55,000 metric tonnes of tomatoes despite drought, heavy rains & COVID-19 in the same year.
  • Achieved total digitalisation via methodical seed-to-plate processing.
  • Successful implementation of SAP ERP platform across Sahyadri Group.
  • Setting up Sahyadri Farms Post Harvest Care Ltd.

2021 and beyond: Aiming for Global Domination

  • Setting up Sahyadri Farms Supply Chain Ltd.
  • Transferring the entire processing campus to Sahyadri Farms Post Harvest Care Ltd.
  • Started wholesale & B2B businesses through 50 distribution centres of Sahyadri Farms Supply Chain Limited.
  • Established residue testing facility for convenience of value chain, right where the process of food is executed.
  • Established India's one-of-its-kind advanced lab for soil, water, leaf & petiole testing.
  • Established an independent bio lab that included bio fertilisers. Successfully completed distinct projects namely: i) Aseptic ii) Raisin, iii) Rice iv) ETP
  • Launched an incubation centre for training of FPOs through 'Sahyadri Rural Development Foundation'.
  • Launched 'The Juice Farm', an authentic store vending fresh fruit juice.
  • Imported multiple varieties of fruits including grapes: SNFL Company (5 varieties), Grapa (9 varieties exclusively of ARRA),  Citrus: 15 varieties
  • Yet again, cemented its position of being the foremost Indian grapes exporter to Europe.
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