Agri inputs

Supplying all the required agricultural inputs to the farmers at optimum prices with an aim to:

Bring knowledge and awareness to the farmers regarding crop protection and crop nutrition
Provide supplies of bio-pesticides and fertilizers
Make available farming implements and machinery, irrigation facilities, solar equipment, pumps, etc.
Provide a tie up with the supplier companies and an exclusive tie up with companies that supply plant growth regulators and imported farming products


Providing seedling facility for vegetables, fruits & special variety of grapes like AARA, etc., and to help to:

Optimize seedling cost
Provide quality planting material
Improve quality of seed for increased yield.
Truly implement the seed to plate concept.


Providing a lab set up & technical support for testing and programming services. The lab services are supported by world renowned scientist, Mr. Graeme Sait.

The lab helps to:

Analyze produce to enhance nutrition value
Analyze soil, water, leaf and petiole
Optimize input cost

Bio-fertilizers and pesticides manufacturing

Producing and supplying bio fertilizers for crop cultivation and encourage:

Residue free farm produce
Increased sustainability and growth

Insurance and banking services

Taking care of all the financial needs of the farmers by providing:

Crop insurance to farmers to recover from losses due to natural calamities
Loans at affordable interest rates to farmers to procure required inputs
Loan guarantee to farmers in the name of Sahyadri Farms

Weather Conditions

Helping accurately predict weather and give early warnings to farmers and avoid losses. There are currently 9 weather stations functioning and there is a plan to install 100 more shortly. These stations function to:

Provide accurate weather forecasts like rainfall, humidity, temperature, evaporation, etc.
Achieve better disease and pest control based on weather predictions.

Consumer Mall

Providing day-to-day supplies to farmers like clothing, footwear, kitchenware, FMCG, mobile items, etc. so that the farmers can:

Procure all their personal need items at a reasonable price.
Enjoy the convenience of supply of quality items at their doorstep

Agro Advisory Services & Farmers Guidance:

Educating farmers and preparing them for global competition by:

Providing them with basic, timely and accurate information of different climates, weather conditions and different crops
Providing expert advice on various aspects to enhance productivity of crops, soil health, usage of nutrients, etc.

Kisanhub Platform

Farmer registration for providing them necessary inputs on agronomy

Distributing data and information around the crop production and distribution cycle
Prividing assistance to the farmer in production stages.

Farmers Connect

Our farmer who provides us with the food we eat needs to gets everything that he requires for his farming and personal needs with ease. Moreover, they need to reach him at the right time, at the right price and should be of the right quality.

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