Our response to COVID-19

To our dear community, both local and global,

The times we are facing are unprecedented and challenging, to say the least. Our older ways are disrupted, new issues have surfaced, and everyone of us is trying to overcome this global phenomenon. At Sahyadri Farms, we believe that our primary due to our consumers and farmers has only increased, and hence, our efforts to live up to those expectations have also been stepped up.

It’s now more than ever that we must achieve sustainability for our farmers while ensuring utmost care and quality for our consumers. We have not compromised our ways, rather, we have augmented our strengths and practices to ensure this. Food safety, trust, and transparency throughout the value chain has gained more importance than ever. It has become more important than ever to adhere to strict health and safety norms while growing, storing, and delivering food.

Kesar Mangoes packing, adhering to the highest levels of food safety @ Sahyadri Farms - Season 2020. 100% Carbide free. To order : www.sahyadrifarms.store or call toll free number 1800 212 002 020

Posted by Sahyadri Farms on Thursday, 21 May 2020
Food Safety - our No. 1 priority

Food Safety is the No. 1 priority at Sahyadri Farms whether it's during times of a pandemic or without it. We ensure your Food is Safe from the farms till it reaches your home - without compromise. Choose to buy directly from farmers Choose to buy Safe Food ... choose wisely! After all your family's - Health and Safety - both are in your hands.

Posted by Sahyadri Farms on Sunday, 3 May 2020

We have added extra shields to our already well-protected value chains by ensuring safety checks throughout the food value chain. Adherence to new norms of FSSAI has been done already, and we are ensuring safe practices are followed in the way your food is handled.

We are also working with our farmers, majority of whom are small land-holding farmers, to ensure that they get fair return for their produce so that their livelihoods remain unaffected in these times.

At Sahyadri Farms, we believe that our responsibility to confront this crisis has increased, and we are more than ready and capable to meet this challenge for the sake of our community of farmers and consumers. Together, we can overcome these pressing times.

- Sahyadri Farms Family