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The Sahyadri Farms Family

We believe it’s our people who make all the difference. We’re blessed to have some of the best people who by now have sold their souls to farming. Though some are from farming backgrounds themselves, others are professionals from different streams and walks of life. This makes Sahyadri Farms continually strive towards new arenas and better ways of doing things.

We believe that it’s the people who build or break a movement or an organisation, and having a shared vision while walking on the common path to success is critical to a long life.

Looking for a job in the Sahyadri Family?

If you are planning to join the Sahyadri Farms Family, here is what we would like you to remember – Sahyadri Farms is a fascinating story that began 8 years ago. It is a story of creating great “SUCCESS” and showcases the power of sheer determination and commitment of a highly capable leadership team. Our values are Happiness, Transparency, Ethics, Knowledge and Diversity. But, the most important value we cherish is Happiness. This value is reflected in the efforts we put in to include various activities aimed at nurturing happiness amongst our team whom we consider as family members.

Looking to do an internship with the Sahyadri Family?

(Internships are available as per availability)

Are you a student looking for an internship? From time to time, according to the needs at Sahyadri Farms, we will offer internships to students who may later become our potential employees. Our internships are most popular with undergraduate or graduate students. Students work between one to four months with us and gain practical work or research related experience. The benefits of an internship with us are:

Gain valuable work experience

You get hands-on work experience which is invaluable. You will have an opportunity to apply acquired knowledge to real work experiences in your chosen field of work. You gain experience working with other experienced and skilled team members in the industry, fully preparing you to enter the workforce upon graduation.

Gain an edge in the job market

One of the most important benefits is that you gain some work experience which is a big plus point to potential employers. Our internship makes you more marketable to other employers, as you will usually require less training and can handle more responsibilities.

Explore a career path

Its a great way for you to acquaint yourself with the field of work you are interested in. Taking on an internship allows you to work in your desired field, helping you decide if the field is right for you. This allows you to make the right choice in your career path right at the start.

Develop and refine skills

You will earn feedback from supervisors and others who are established in the field. This gives you a unique learning opportunity and a means to develop and refine your knowledge and skills.

Receive financial compensation

Our internships are paid. You can gain valuable work experience and make money at the same time.

Transition into a job

We use internships as a way to enhance our recruitment efforts. You may be hired as an employee after internship based on merit.
Sahyadri Farmers Producer Co. Ltd., a leading farmers company in India mainly operating in horticulture crops. The company is one of the biggest exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables. As also expanding strongly into domestic B2B trade, Retail as well processed food segment. In its endeavour to make farming a profitable and sustainable business for small farmers, the company has ventured crop specific business categories viz Grapes, Pomegranate, Banana & Papaya, Citrus, Cole Crop, Leafy crops etc.. We are looking for the young, dynamic and passionate leaders in the field of agriculture & allied sectors to handle these category verticals for our growing export, retail, domestic and processing businesses.


We do not charge / accept any amount or security deposit from job seekers during the selection process or while inviting candidates for an interview. If any person receives any unsolicited or fraudulent communication offering a job or an interview call from a Sahyadri Group company against payment of money, it is suggested not to respond. We shall not accept any liability towards the representation made in any fraudulent communication or its consequences, and such fraudulent communication shall not be treated as any kind of offer or representation by any Sahyadri Group company.

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